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markiza tarasowa dakar, markiza kasetowa, markiza w kasecie, markizy tarasowe

Patio Awnings

Patio, balcony or basket awning?

Patio awnings are used to shade larger areas, ie terraces, restaurant gardens, large balconies, allotments, etc. Their widths start on average from min. 2 meters, and the area under the awning varies from 4 m2 to even 50 m2. The main advantage of patio awnings is the possibility of rolling and unfolding them, so the roof can be adjusted depending on the needs and the prevailing weather conditions. If there is a need for shading smaller spaces, such as a standard balcony, entrance to a store or apartment, other types of awnings can be used: basket awnings, which are usually non-foldable, in the shape of a semicircle or cuboid, as well as balcony and shop awnings, ideal for for a shop window roofing or a railing option with special handles for a balcony railing, or railings.

More information about awnings can be found in the link below.


Żaluzje fasadowe domek jednorodzinny, żaluzje zaciemniające, żaluzja z lamelami

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds –what shape of lamellas?

Venetian blinds blinds are divided into two main categories: a facade blind with C-shaped slats (slat width of 50 or 80mm) and a venetian blinds with Z-shaped slats (slat width of 90mm). The main difference between the slats is the degree of darkening of the room. Thanks to the specially profiled edges, the Z90 venetian blinds provide additional strength and greater shading, and the smooth control of the tilt angle of the slats allows you to freely adjust the light intensity

More information about venetian blinds can be found in the link below.

Pergola tarasowa aluminiowa, zadaszenie tarasu rozsuwane

Terrace pergolas

Terrace pergola – back-to-wall or free-standing?

Terrace Pergolas can be back-to-wall – mounted to the wall and free-standing. In addition, only roofs are available, used for existing pergolas or structures, e.g. wooden. Electric pergolas and manually operated pergolas are available. Possible use of front and side covers, the so-called reflexols, e.g. in the ziiip system.

More information about pergolas can be found in the link below.

zadaszenia poliwęglanowe, zadaszenie przeciwsłoneczne

Terrace roofing

Terrace roofing– polycarbonate or glass?

Terrace roofing can have a polycarbonate roof or the so-called “Safety glass”. Who among us doesn’t like to laze around on the terrace? None of us will refuse such a pleasant activity. It is even better if the terrace has a roof. Then we will not be surprised by a sudden change in weather. A very good material for such a building is aluminum, polycarbonate or glass.

More information about the terrace roofing can be found in the link below.

Refleksol R90 domek

Refleksol roller blinds

Refleksol – with or without a cassette?

Reflectors are used both inside rooms and on building facades. Depending on the needs, they can have a cassette to protect the drive. It is a modern form of roller blind, which perfectly protects against sun rays. Most of the models are typically used externally, eg R76, R90, R103, R120, Ziip. On the other hand, free-hanging models, eg XL, XS, XXS, are installed mainly inside rooms. Each roller shutter can be fitted with an electric or crank drive. Refleksol will be perfect for recesses outside the windows or on the wall. They are also often used as a roller shutter on patio pergolas – mainly ZIIP models. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer. Only with us the best prices. Check and configure your reflexol.

More information about refleksols can be found in the link below.
Rolety wewnętrzne, rolety materiałowe, rolety okienne dzień noc

Internal blinds and shutters

Internal blinds – plain fabric or “day and night”?

Roller shutter fabrics are tailored to the needs of the customer. Fabric roller blinds will work as a cover for window sites, recesses and shelves. They can also be used as a projection screen. They are suitable for all types of windows, which is why it is one of the most universal solutions that you can choose in your home.

More information about internal blinds and shutters can be found in the link below.

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