Patio Awnings

Imagine an afternoon siesta, a moment of relaxation in comfortable conditions on a terrace protected from sun and rain by patio awnings . Plan your comfort with us, configure and order a patio awning in our online store.

Terrace awnings are mainly used on terraces, but can also be used on balconies and in front of the house entrance. One type of patio awning is cassette-free patio awning. The cassette-free awning is distinguished by the lack of a cassette, but we offer the option of ordering a protective canopy, the so-called half cassettes. The most popular cassette-free awning models are Malta, Australia and Jamaica. Another type of terrace awnings are m terrace awnings in a full cassette. Their characteristic feature is the cassette, which protects the rolled awning fabric – sheathing. Palladio, Corsica, Dakar are awning models in full cassette which are very popular among our customers. Both the cassetteless awning and the cassette awning are made to measure of high-quality aluminum and can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or rafters.