Refleksol Roller Blinds

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Everyone likes to be comfortable. in a soft shade, when the wind, driving rain and even mosquitoes don’t bother you. Use reflexoles when you want to cover your windows, build a pergola or a recess. Refleksole is an innovative and modern solution that will change the face of your home, apartment, terrace and ensure the comfort of your everyday life. In our online store you will find the best solution for you. Refleksole is a vertical internal sunshade for external or internal use with slat or cable guides or free-hanging. We provide the possibility of borrowing fabric color catalogs and a color pattern for reflexoles. Each reflexol is made to measure.

There are the following types of reflexols:

  • reflexoles in the cassette- cassette provides an aesthetic appearance and at the same time protects the reflexola fabric
  • cassette-less reflexes- lightweight construction for use in any place, even those hard to reach
  • recessed reflexes- designed for use under the building facade, fits perfectly into the window opening
  • awning reflexes- an innovative solution combining the features of a reflex and awning, with the possibility of setting different opening angles