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Shop Front Awnings

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Store awning is made to order from the highest quality components and fabrics. We provide a variety of colors and protection against sunlight. Shop awnings can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and are offered with manual or electric drive. There is a possibility of printing on the awning fabric, e.g. a shop logo or other advertising print.

Shop awnings are most often used over entrances, shop windows and shop windows. They are also used on balconies of residential buildings as well as in hotels and restaurants. Our offer includes a shop awning in a cassette which is characterized by a cassette that effectively protects the rolled-up fabric against weather conditions. The awning blind has arms of different lengths, which are mounted to the wall or to the recess. The awning has three different arm lengths: 70 cm, 100 cm and 140 cm. On the other hand, a shop awning without a cassette does not have a cassette and offers four arm lengths: 70cm, 100cm, 140cm and 180cm, also mounted on the wall or recess.

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