Side Awnings

Vacationing at home? Why not! The Bora and Luna side awnings will create a seaside atmosphere with screens. Thanks to them, you will protect yourself from the sun and wind, as well as prying eyes. Each of us likes to rest in such conditions.

Side awnings are used on terraces and balconies, but also as an additional cover for the side and front walls of the pergola. Side awnings have a cassette into which the fabric is rolled, which is their great advantage as it protects the fabric against weather conditions. The cassette is most often mounted to a wall, wall or pergola support. However, after unfolding the awning, the front post can be mounted to a hard surface, to a soft ground, and to a wall. We offer the following types of side awnings. Bora Selt side awning screen is a made-to-measure product. This awning model is characterized by a maximum width of 4 m and a maximum height of 2 m, which allows for covering large spaces. An alternative is the Luna screen side awning which has a maximum width of 2.95 m and a height of 1.8 m. The Luna side awning is available in two sizes. Side awnings are available in various construction colors and rich fabric colors.

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