Terrace Pergolas

You dream of relaxing, resting in your own garden or terrace . These dreams will be fulfilled by patio pergolas , which will provide you with protection against sun, wind and rain. Under the roof of the pergola, together with your family and friends, you can spend joyful moments with coffee and juices, and with your children you can have a passion for playing board games they like so much.

We offer a wide selection of patio pergolas in various models. Due to the type of roofing used, there are pergolas with a fabric roof or a lamella roof. The fabric roof is in the form of a Roman roller blind. High-quality fabrics have been used here to protect against both sun and rain. An example of a pergola with a fabric roof is Luxo, Moderno, Luxury, Square, Dragon, Costa. Another solution is pergolas with a lamella roof, also known as bioclimatic pergolas. A characteristic feature is the use of movable aluminum lamellas with the possibility of adjusting the angle of their inclination. Pergolas with this roof are, for example, Climatic, Bioline, Global. Another category of pergolas division is to distinguish them into free-standing and wall-mounted. Free-standing pergolas can be freely installed on terraces, gardens, parks. Examples of such pergolas are Moderno, Luxury, Global, Climatic, Bioline, Juko, Moza, Costa. Whereas wall pergolas must be mounted to the building wall. They create an attractive and decorative element of the house and terrace, and thus effectively protect against sun and rainfall. Wall models are Luxo, Moderno, Luxury, Square, Costa, Climatic, Bioline, Juko. The division of the pergola can also be made according to the type of material used to build the structure. The most commonly used material is powder coated extruded aluminum, such structures are available in the Luxo, Luxury, Moderno, Square, Climatic, Bioline, Global, and Costa models. Another frequently used construction material is spruce wood, with a certificate and a defined strength class C24 according to standards: KVH EN 15497. We distinguish wooden pergolas Juko and Moza. In our offer you will also find pergola roofs , both fabric and lamella, which you can mount to your own aluminum, steel, wooden or concrete structure. Pergola reflectors are a great solution for building the sides of the pergola. The pergola can also be equipped with radiators, which are perfect for colder days, and a sound system. Pergolas are mainly made to measure, while our offer also includes models with defined dimensions.