Venetian Blinds

Facade blinds are a modern and at the same time very elegant decorative solution for windows. Thanks to the blinds, you have control over the amount of light entering the room. Facade blinds are used in houses, apartments, shops, offices, restaurants. They are also used in pergolas to cover the side walls. The blinds are made to measure of high-quality aluminum, varnished in a wide range of colors. It is possible to borrow color patterns of the structure and lamella colors, which will allow you to choose the color according to your expectations. The louvers can be operated manually or electrically, used indoors and outdoors.

Due to the shape and method of assembly, the following blinds are distinguished:

  • C80 facade blinds – their characteristic feature are C-shaped slats, they are mounted on various types of guides
  • Venetian blinds Z90- a characteristic feature are Z-shaped lamellas, mounted on various guides adapted to the installation conditions
  • C50- facade blinds are characterized by a smaller C-shaped slat, cable guides are used
  • Flush-mounted facade blinds- a choice of Z-shaped or C-shaped slats, intended for flush mounting.